May 25, 2010

It has been about six months since I emerged from a project that involved a forty-day social, physical and communicative isolation. If you are looking for its resultant blog, which used to be on this site, it can now be found here. An unfulfilled promise to post a response to my emergence has left a vague feeling of guilt, so let this serve as admission that it will never come, though this post can be regarded as next-best-thing.

The project was a hugely rewarding experience that yielded personal and professional development, not to mention a massive bank of work – almost four hours of music. My emergence was possibly the most exciting experience of my life, I don’t think I had changed at all (except obligatory hermit-beard) and the most shocking thing was how normal everything seemed. The response to the blog and to the work was overwhelming, the comments hugely flattering. It didn’t take long to adjust, to tire of the inevitable “how was isolation?” question and for its answer to become recital. I have performed some of the music at various events and am just in the process of writing new material, hence the new post.

This blog will now serve as a platform for showing & distributing new work, promoting events and will, hopefully, provide a degree of obligation to finish work and publish it. Do check back regularly for updates.

This text has been custard cream-fuelled. Thanks for reading it.